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Indikator - One solution for all your productivity management needs

Indikator is the simplest and easy way to get an overview of organisation's current workload. With Indikator, you can fluently check whether you have available capacity over a specific time period and read the coming week's workload.

Indikator is designed to help you and your associates to fluently understand your Organisation's capacity, cast & workload for forthcoming weeks by hand, department and office position. Indikator is a resource management tool that can also help you track factual work vs read work in a simple and intuitive way.

indikator - Resource management tool

Indikator Key features

Indikator is a work allocation and resource operation result for any business that lets you manage workers’ daily tasks, workloads, forthcoming leaves and projects. Indikator lets you quickly understand what your organisation is up to, the current work in progress, capacity for new work and if planned work is still on target.

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Resource Management Tool - Streamline Experience

Dashboard & Analytics of Indikator presents all your organisation's data in an easy to manage dashboard view, so they can see a rich view of all of the conditioning on their plate. Accessible from any device or screen, it'll give you the real- time information you need to run your business effectively and confidently.

Goal & Approvals

Set strategic pretensions and crush them briskly. Grant blessings to give resource requesting, a super boost and clarify the declination to make sure everyone knows what work needs to be approved.


Keep an eye on your associate's progress and workloads by real- time maps and visual highlights. Manage implicit problems with applicable divisions and keep work on track.

Predict & Analytics

Predict your spare hours vacuity for forthcoming weeks. Simply modernise working hours of present systems and let your dashboard with complete analytics, make effects easier for you.

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productivity to next level

Track workers' performance, access detailed reports, unite with platoon members, manage working hours and further, right from your dashboard.

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